Basic Help Using LucidChat


Use the nickname field on the bottom left to change your nickname. Or, you may use the IRC-ish /nick command:

/nick Bob

Note: The system won't be notified of your new nickname until you say something with it.


To view the timestamp of a post, hover your mouse cursor over the double colon symbol (::) and browsers that support the title attribute will display the time of the comment and how long ago it was as a 'tooltip.'

Hover for an example: ::


To perform an action, begin your post with /me followed by a space and your action.

For example, if your name is Biff and you say something like

/me says, "Hello McFly!"

it will appear as

Biff says, "Hello McFly!"

Using HTML

The full list of allowed HTML is:

  • a
  • b
  • code
  • em
  • i
  • strong

Most mistakes like a missing end tag or mis-matched tags will be fixed automatically.


Use AutoLinks for adding a single, quick link with no non-link text in your message.

For example, entering Google is a great search engine.

will automatically create a link like so:

Google is a great search engine.

The first 'word' (in this case, becomes the link address and all subsequent words (Google is a great search engine.) become the link text.

The domain name ( becomes the title attribute, which appears as a tooltip in most browsers.

Note: AutoLinks must begin with the characters http or www. to work properly.

AutoLinks will not work if http or www. are not the first four characters of your message.

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